The Art

The work is based around the premise that when we visit a place we remember the interesting and outstanding features. We don’t recall every house, tree and brick, so the paintings have a feel of the town, the landscape and the street, rather than being a slavish attempt at copying. Scenes change over time too, so what was there once will not always be the case and we are often left with our dreamlike memories of the town.

The style, with its lack of perspective and bold colours is based on the fact that at times for someone who is colour blind and one-eyed the world is naturally a strange place to view. There are constant surprises with the realisation that things are not the scale or in the place first thought. Very much in the way Byzantine painters first attempted to depict reality in their pictures.

The same is true of the colours, painting a muted landscape, with dreary combinations although it would be an accurate vision, it would hardly enthral or captivate. So the brightness control has been turned up a little and strange combinations are used that normally only the truly tonally challenged are privileged to experience.

Put on the eye patch and break out the 3D glasses, the world should never be viewed the same again.


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