Landscape Gallery


Marmore Waterfalls – Watercolor and ink 30cm x 90cm (For Sale)


Belvedere Ostrense – Watercolor and ink (For Sale)


Morra d’Alba – watercolour and ink 44 cm x 28cm


Niccone Valley Castles – Watercolour and ink 38 cm x 58 cm (Sold)

Signorelli Duomo at Orvieto

Oriveto – Popes, Artists and Wine Watercolor 74 x 45 cm (For Sale)

Torgiano Town Umbria

Torgiano – Watercolor  (For Sale)


Prato and Monte – Watercolor (Sold)

neal-winfield-E45 Fabbrecce

Fabbrecce – Watercolor and ink 24cm x 37 cm   (Sold)

Italian scenery

Pierantonio Landscape Watercolour and ink, 24 x 57 cm

Lago Trasimeno, Umbria

Isole Maggioe – Lake Trasimeno Watercolour and ink 35 cm x 21 cm (For Sale)

Tuscan umbria castle towns

Oriveto – Popes, Artists and Wine Watercolor 74 x 45 cm (For Sale)

Umbria, Assisi painting

Mount Subasio, Assisi and Spello Watercolour and ink, 74cm x 37cm (For Sale)

Val di Pierle

The Niccone Valley – Watercolour and ink 70cm x 32cm (Sold)

Tuscan landscape

Montecucco Tuscany Watercolour and ink, 35 cm x 70 cm (Sold)

Umbrian valley

Valtiberina Watercolor and ink 74 cm x 33cm (Sold)

Badie Monte Corona

Monte Corona – Watercolor and ink 70 cm x 32 cm   (For Sale)

Tuscany Umbria Border

The Niccone Valley – Watercolor and ink 74cm x 33cm (Sold)

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