Cities Gallery




Morro d’Alba – Watercolor and ink

watercolor Assisi

Assisi – Watercolor and ink, 35 cm x 70 cm


Alleyways of Castello – watercolor and ink 31 cm x 50 cm  (Sold)

Signorelli Duomo at Orvieto

Oriveto – Popes, Artists and Wine Watercolor 74 x 45 cm (For Sale)


Citta di Castello, South Wall – watercolor and ink 75 cm x 42 cm   (Sold)


Citta di Castello, West Wall – watercolor and ink , 73 cm x 36 cm   (Sold)


Castello’s Centro Storico Watercolour & ink, 45 x 25 cm (Sold)

Watercolor town

Umbertide Sul Tevere Watercolor 74 cm x 44cm   (For Sale)


Nice, France – watercolor  and ink 75 cm x 42 cm (Sold)

Cagli Townscape

Cagli – Le Marche Watercolour and ink, 50 cm x 25cm (Sold)

Le Marche village

Cantiano – Le Marche Watercolour and ink 33 x 55 cm (Sold)

Welsh town - Saundersfoot

Saundersfoot, West Wales – Watercolor and ink 24 cm x 50 cm   (Sold)

Wales Harbor

Tenby Harbour Watercolor and ink 30cm X 50cm (Sold)

Spello Umbria

The Gates of Spello
watercolor and ink 22cm x 33cm (Sold)


Umbertide – Watercolor                        22 cm x 33 cm (Sold)

Citta di Castello

Citta di Castello – Watercolor               22 cm x 33 cm (Sold)