The Artist


The artist and his muse

UmbriArt is the gallery space of Neal Winfield, here I share my watercolour paintings, thoughts about art, ideas and research work, as well as general comments on the world of art at large.

I have been painting and drawing all my life and studied glass design and art history at the Stourbridge College of Art in the West Midlands, UK.

Early years

During the 1980s I ran a stained glass studio in Cilfynydd, South Wales, completing many private commissions, ecclesiastical repair work and a number of panels for pubs and bars around the area.

Throughout the 90s I continued painting and drawing and on a holiday in central Italy, I reconnected with the masters who’d worked in the area in the past. This made me want to examine their relationship with the countryside further, so  I made the decision to emigrate to the Renaissance country in the heart of Italy, Umbria.

Painting in Italy


The artist at work

I now spend my time exploring my rich and diverse surroundings creating distinctive watercolour pictures. These show the Italian landscape, its towns and villages from my own very particular viewpoint.

I have lost the sight in my right eye and am colour blind in the other, while I never use this as an excuse, I do mention it to explain the deliberately strange perspectives and occasionally mis-placed colours.

These are normally done intentionally and are meant as a way of illustrating the wonderfully distorted view on the world I experience. Bright sky, flat perspective and unusual relationships in the picture frame are the norm.


Contact the artist

If you find my work of interest or wish to discover more about my views on art please feel free to drop me a line at I’d love to hear from you.


4 responses to “The Artist

  1. Hello. I recently traveled from Florence to La Verna and on the way, before we started up the mountain to La Verna, when we were just entering the valley, we passed a wonderful, ancient looking town, seemingly built right into the side or the valley wall, before we began our descent. I’ve heard that it’s called Michaelangelo, but I don’t think that’s correct. I’ve been trying to find it on google maps and have had no luck. Can you help me? When we were there around June 21, 2015, there were flags or pennants hanging from the walls. Can you tell me what the name of this place is? Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! That’s it! La Verna was an incredible experience for me. Yes, I can see why Francis loved it there.

    Your paintings are so pleasant and distinctive. I wish you much success.
    God bless.

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