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Medieval Garden Shed


Medieval Garden Shed – watercolor 20cm x 30cm

I love the idea of combing eras and this one places a modern garden shed in a medieval style Gothic, herbal garden. The shed design is based on one from a B&Q garden centre catalogue but it has been given a 13th century twist.

It features iron hinged, shutters, a trefoil fan light and is drawn in a flat perspective. Inside, the storage box and plant pot come from the Ikea product range.

Medieval Garden

Medieval Herb Book

Medieval Garden

The medieval garden draws inspiration from an ancient herbal manuscript, with its twisted trees and over grown plants. Meanwhile, the gardening tools are taken from an old German wood cut.

The colourful marrows and onion plants look strangely at home alongside the modern, wooden shed, stocked with its range of intimidating implements.

Others in this Modern Gothic rooms series, include the library, kitchen and the bathroom.

Prints, postcards and mugs of the Medieval Garden shed are available from my  on-line shop.

Ancient Twitter Feed


Covfefe Tweet

The medieval Twitter post is taken from York Minster where there are lots of stained glass windows of birds. Some of these have scrolls coming out of their mouths with Latin text.

Trump Tweet

I thought it made a funny juxtaposition, the idea that these were very early tweets. After all medieval leaded lights were called the poor man’s bible and used as a way of communicating religious messages.

So here we have the traditional Twitter bird drawn in an 11th century style, with a scroll coming out if its mouth quoting the famous Trump nonsensical “covfefe” tweet of 2018. The comment, love, retweet and share buttons have also been given a retro look.


King John Tweet

#Magna Carta

Next I decided to look at a historical incident from a modern communications stand point. So I chose a tweet about the signing of the Magna Carta, in 1215, at Runnymede. The war between King John and the 25 Barons was finally ended with this treaty. I liked the idea of him referring to this important, historic scroll, in a Trumpesque way, as a “big document”, with the hashtag “Magna Carta”. The idea that the barons like it and then the 25 of them shared King John’s tweet is amusing.

The image of the bird is taken from a stained glass window in the Zouche Chapel at York Minster. However, I’ve painted it blue to represent the Twitter logo. The share, love and comment buttons are pretty much the same as the earlier ones, while the retweet is slightly different. The image combines both the elements of the cathedral’s leaded light and the Twitter format giving it a fascinating mixing of eras.


13th Century Cigarette Lighter


Cigarette lighter

If in the 13th century Ismail al Jazari had had the opportunity to design a cigarette lighter, I feel sure his painting would have looked something like this.

He would have incorporated a sealed pot to hold the gas and somehow tied down a piece of flint. There would have been a cog that when turned could adjust the height of the flame and the whole mechanism would have been put in a decorative box.

As with the previous machines, I’ve used the phonetic alphabet to give the painting an air of mysticism. The strange symbols and the addition of the mathematical formula for a burning match gives it a real sense of this being a scientific document.

Prints, postcards and mugs of this fascinating Medieval Lighter are available from my on-line shop.