Big Up Assisi


Assisi – watercolour and ink 960 cm x 600 cm (sold)

Well here you have it, the Assisi painting. Purely because of its size this commissions was great fun to work on. Measuring 960 cm x 600 cm meant I had lots of space to play with so I was able to include lots of detail.

Assisi’s landmarks

There are the usual suspects, the basilicas of St Francis, Clare and Ruffino, the old clock tower and the ruined fortrezza on top of the hill. However, if you looks carefully around Assisi, there are also iconic domestic buildings that stand out. These are the places that give the city its character.

Olives and wine

The olive tree in the foreground is in the centre of a traffic roundabout as you arrive at the town. Towering above it is the bastion of Saint Francesco’s churches, you will also drive through miles of vineyards and olive groves on your way to town. These are illustrated in the bottom corners.

The scale of the painting allows you to get lost exploring the little alleyways, spotting details and identifying the landmarks. Everyone has their favourite spot and it’s fun to see where each person’s journey takes them. Enjoy your own trip around Assisi. šŸ™‚

4 responses to “Big Up Assisi

  1. Dear Neal,
    You know (and I hope you know) that I am a great enthusiast for your painting. Recently, I have seen a few paintings by Dubuffet. One of them made me wonder whether any of his art gives you pleasure?
    We hope you are well.
    Keep cool, M and J.

  2. Hello Michael, I have a great fondness for Dubuffet. When I was first at art college a tutor suggested I look at his work. This was years ago, pre-internet and I trundled across to the library. Well in the intervening time I’d confused his name and spent a morning looking for Dubonnet, a liquor. I eventually realised my mistake and then fell in love with his work.

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