Artisti al Monte 2018

Artisti2018 (2)May 26th and 27th saw Artisti al Monte in full swing this year. It was great to join in and be given the opportunity to show off some new watercolours from the last 12 months.

Art in the community

It’s a time when the artistic community, around the village of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, come together to raise money for the local infant school. This year there were 24 artists, craftspeople and artisans who, at various venues, put on displays for the public and then encouraged the public to come along and have a look.

Artisti2018 (3)

Art helping locally

I joined Daniele at Claudio and Patrizia’s house at Lama Vecchia in the hills above Marcignano.  It’s a beautiful, tranquil location with Claudio and Patrizia’s works scattered around the grounds.

Throughout the two days a good number of people made their way up into the hills in the shadow of Monte to see our works. Along with the artworks, Patrizia had layed on a delicious spread of cakes, tarts and drinks for our guests.


Idyllic day

The weather was gorgeous, a warm sunny Saturday and a cooler, cloudy and somewhat humid Sunday. Sat in the shade of the trees meant this was the perfect spot to spend the weekend.

The peace between visitors gave me a chance to sketch, simple drawings of the things in my line of sight. A tree, bird box, large wine bottles.


Great views, lovely people

Lama Vecchia is high up in the hills, on a narrow, white road. Not inaccessible but people had to make an effort to see us. However, they were rewarded with breathtaking views once they arrived.

There was no WiFi signal, no internet and no phone calls, so it was an undisturbed afternoon of sketching, eating and talking to people. What more could you want on a sunny day in central Italy?

A perfect weekend.


Read about last years event here.

One response to “Artisti al Monte 2018

  1. Hi. Missed your posts, and your delightful paintings over the last months. Good to see your’re exhibiting, but we can’t see very much! Please don’t forget us – those that very much enjoy viewing your work.
    Wishing you all the very best. Regards, Susan.

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