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A Stranger’s Visions


The next show from the UmbriArt Gallery will feature twelve watercolours depicting the central Italian countryside. The Associazione ARTè ‘s gallery space in Citta di Castello’s Sala di Te (Tearoom) will provide the venue.

Sala di Tè

DSCN5946.JPGThe ex-sacristy Sant Sebastiano is a lovely venue in which to exhibit art. It is an intimate and historic space, with the aromatic scents and  flavours of tea filling the air. There is a nice contemporary feel to it, blending the old structure and modern fittings.

As Lingua Piu have kindly offered to sponsor the show, it was thought that the inclusion of some additional cultural events would be good to increase interest in the exhibition.

Week long events

So … the vernisage, opening night is the 9th January, on the Sunday night (10th January) the lovely, Alison Oldham will treat us to some live piano music. The following Saturday (16th January) there is”An Evening on the Couch” as psychiatrists Dr Lepre and Schick entertain us with poetry readings in Italian and English.

Umbria towns

Sunday the 17th is “Tea with the Winfields” as Mrs W and myself will explain the mysteries of British tea traditions and history. I’m often asked about our tea drinking activities and so this is the ideal occasion to explain the best way to drink tea.

Tea and cake

Painting Medieval village

An enlightening trip through tealand, with the addition of some Victoria sponges, scones, Bara brith and cup cakes bringing an end to an exciting week.

If you find yourself in the Upper Tiber Valley or near Citta di Castello in the New Year, please call in and have a look around. Why not, grab a cuppa and five minutes break  in the town’s rapidly growing art venue.


ARTè, Sala di Tè, Via Sant’ Apollinare, Citta di Castello.


Autumn Along the E45

neal-winfield-E45 Fabbrecce

Autumn Along the E45 – watercolour & ink 57cm x 24cm (For Sale)

As it’s fringed with the occasional boring industrial site, the E45 may not be the easiest of highways, but there are plenty of gorgeous landscapes to view as you drive through Umbria.

DSCN5917Homeward bound

The sight of Canoscio with its neon blue cross is always a welcome one as it means I’m only minutes from home. A quick turn off the motorway, drive down the road through Fabbrecce and I’m there.

Along with Fabbrecce, seen through the woods that grow along the River Tevere, the painting also shows the little village of Falerno. This collection of houses and its church are hidden amongst the trees, away from prying eyes but they have a lovely view across the valley from their lofty perches.

This time the trees aren’t representative of any particular artist but are the commonly seen tall beech and the un-pruned olive trees that populate the landscape.


Medieval palette

This time I tried a new approach and only used colours from a Medieval palette. So there’s no olive or hookers green, no brilliant red or permanent white. They are all the tones they would have had to hand 800 years ago. It was great fun mixing the colours rather than delving for a tube.