Watercolour of the Castle on the Lake – Castiglione del Lago

Tuscan umbria castle towns

Castiglione del Lago – Lake Trasimeno
Watercolour and ink, 35 cm x 21 cm (For Sale)

The study of Castiglione del Lago is part of a series which includes the Isole Maggiore watercolour painting. The idea is to eventually have a large painting featuring both of these sites and some others around the lake.

Lake Trasimeno is Umbria’s largest body of water and due to the provinces lack of coastline, it has been a constant provider of fish for local people for centuries. And Castiglione del Lago has  been a sentinel on the lake for an equally a long time.

The unique feature about the town, which was once on an island, is the pentagonal castle that sits at the head of the promontory. And while its slopes are now filled with olive groves, there would once have been a clear view down to the waters edge.  On the right-hand side is the Church of Maddalena, the town’s patron saint and halfway along the south-western part of the town wall is the elaborate Ducal Palace.

I love the sheer number of trees that cloak the town. Leafy boulevards flank the two sides, Three large palm trees stand outside it’s main entrance and a massive oak tree sits in the middle of the castle grounds. It is a well shaded and cool place to sit, even at the height of summer.

Now all we need to do it link the town, with the three islands and the rest of the mainland to complete the painting. No small task.

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