Painting Mount Subasio

Umbria, Assisi painting

Mount Subasio, Assisi and Spello
Watercolour and ink, 74cm x 37cm (For Sale)

It has been an idea of mine for quite a while to paint Mount Subasio with its sentinals, Assisi and Spello. These are both ancient towns and in the case of Assisi very famous as the birthplace of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

Assisi Umbria

Basilica San Francesco, Assisi

The painting is viewed as if travelling along the SS3 between Perugia and Foligno. Out of the distance the curvey shape of Subasio appears and as you approach, the distinctive features of San Francesco’s basilica come into view. It is an awesome sight to drive up to.

Follow the highway

Porta Consolare with olive trees

Porta Consolare with olive trees

The bottom of the page represents the superstrada and if you look carefully as you drive along the foothills of Mount Subasio you’ll see the churches along the roadside. Spello at the other end is moulded around the slopes and has a number of ancient town gates. The most distinctive of these are the twin towered Porta Venere and the Porta Consolare, with olive trees growing on top of it.

The trees in the foreground represent the works of Piero Lorenzetti and Giotto, both worked in the area and have frescoes in the basilica. The palm trees are in the style of Pinturicchio who worked extensively in Spello and it is here you can see his paintings.


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