A Return to the Niccone Valley

Val di Pierle

The Niccone Valley – Watercolor and ink, 70cm x 32cm

The Niccone Valley stretches from the village of Niccone at one end to the Pierle and Lisciano Niccone Castles at the other. This lush green landscape has the border between Umbria and Tuscany weaving its way down the valley, with fortified points along the way that for centuries have kept guard over the territory.

Halfway along you have the walls of Reschio and Sorbello castles, both now hidden amongst the trees. You can, however, imagine the lords keeping the slopes clear of trees to maintain a constant view of their neighbour’s comings and goings.

The battlefield has now been given over to crops and grain, sunflowers, onion patches, olive groves and grapevines are everywhere. Each adds its own particular shade of green to the hillsides and the valley floor making for a picturesque place.


5 responses to “A Return to the Niccone Valley

  1. I LOVE this Neal. The colours are so bright. The whole painting is so cheery. Susan

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