Return to the Niccone Valley

The lovely people of Lisciano Niccone have approached me about painting their gorgeous valley again. This one will be for their publicity material.  Both a good advertisment for me and a chance to take another look at the stunning Niccone Valley landscape.

Publicity for Lisciano Niccone

Lisciano Niccone Castle

Lisciano Niccone Castle

As it’s a promotional image I’ve decided to keep it bright and cheerful, just like summer. There should be a bold sun, a few clouds and lots of green hills with the ubiquitous castles that makes the valley is famous.

Drawing the Valley

Niccone Valley Sketch

Niccone Valley Sketch

I’ll keep the dimensions roughly the same as the first version, which was in the region of 70 cm by 32 cm. This should give me a large enough canvas to paint in detail and also plenty of room to cover the 16 miles that make up the valley.


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