The Walled Medieval Village

Italian medieval village

Borgo Santa Giuliana – Watercolour and ink, 30 x 20 cm (Sold)

I’ve always loved the little walled Medieval village of Borgo Santa Giuliana that sits on the slopes of Monte Corona, south of Umbertide.

watercolor Italian village

Medieval walled village

The studies for this picture are as a result of having spent a month lounging around above it last summer. During the course of the day I found myself constantly taken by the ever changing colours of the walls and roofs.


Painting Santa Giuliana

Layout sketch

Layout sketch

This painting is based on the view from the rear of the village, looking down from the olive grove slopes above. This gives you a good overall impression of the size of the village, the shape and how it sits in the landscape.

The colours, I decided, should be a yellow/brown combination with a little deep grey for the shadows. The mountain is covered with trees so there’s lots of chance for green to compliment the browns of the wall.


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