Art for Dogs



Fundraising in Umbria

Preparations for the Books for Dogs Annual bazaar continue at a pace. I’ve finished a few more pieces that will be on show at the fair. This is slated for the 30th of May and people in the area are busy painting, crafting and baking things to sell and help raise money for the two local animal shelters.

As the show is being held in Umbertide, Umbria, I decided to continue with small affordable scenes from around the area. This in the hope that people are more likely to buy a little painting for a couple of bob than shell out for a large, more expensive watercolour.

Umbertide Rocca

Umbertide Rocca

The castle in Umbertide

La Rocca, Umbertide

La Rocca, Umbertide

The two latest will form part of a trio of watercolour paintings of Umbertide’s Rocca, which stands proudly in the centre of town. The fortifications have seen lots of action over the years and during the last century were used as a prison. Now they make for an excellent exhibition space, full of atmosphere and presence.

Umbertide's castle

Umbertide’s castle

If you live in the Upper Tiber Valley and are interested in finding out more about Books for Dogs, you can get information from the AngloInfo website. They also sell their second hand books, videos and DVDs from the back room of Antico Bar Giardino, in the centre of Umbertide, on Wednesdays.


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