Painting for Dogs



At the end of the month , I’m joining in with the local ex-pat community in Italy where we support a charity called “Books for Dogs”. People donate used, normally English language books and they are resold to raise money.

Every year they hold an annual bazaar and the artists and crafts people of the Upper Tiber Valley come along and show off their talents, donate 10% of their takings to the cause.

Books for Dogs Fair

Well this year I’m going to take part and am in the process of putting together a collection of small, affordable pieces dedicated to the landscape around Umbertide, where the sale will be held.

Civitella Ragnieri 10x15cm Watercolour

Civitella Ragnieri 10x15cm Watercolour

Along with these watercolours, I’ll also take some of my prints and a couple of larger paintings I’ve got for sale. This should bulk out the table and maybe attract a little much needed interest. A captive audience is always valuable.

Painting project

The event is proving a good motivator in encouraging me to paint on a daily basis and getting into the creative mindset each day. More recently I’ve been working on large scale metre long paintings that take a couple of weeks at a time to finish, so producing a painting a day is a completely different prospect.

Borgo S. Giuliana 10.15cm Watercolour

Borgo S. Giuliana 10.15cm Watercolour

Fair in the sun

Lets hope we manage to raise lots of money for the poor abandoned dogs in the kennels of Umbertide and Lerchi. The staff there do a wonderful job and need as much help and can be given.

So it’s tea and sticky buns on the 30th May  and looking forward to a good day out.


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