Blazing Sun Over Castello

Umbria town, Italy

Citta di Castello Under the Sun
Watercolour and ink, 72 x 32 cm (Sold)

I’ve always loved the eastern wall of Citta di Castello in Umbria, Italy. Broken, worn, with houses built into it, windows, doors and the occassional hole where impatient visitors broke through. The area around the cathedral is always impressive, with its large piazza, bars, museum and lushious park.

The skyline to the north is littered with church towers and old palazzo, while on the hill you can see the lovely monestary of Belvedere. The impressive Appennine Mountains take up the horizon and Castello’s cemetery and farmlands occupying the middle-ground.

I also finally took on the sun and if you stare at it often enough, trying to get a feel for its presence, this is the feeling you’re left with. One which the painting captures.


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