Red Green Intolerance in Tuscany

Tuscan landscape

Montecucco Tuscany
Watercolour and ink, 35 cm x 70 cm (Sold)

Paul and myself spent New Year in Tuscany discussing the relative merits of being red/green intolerant. We both have a red green dietary deficiency where these two colours are concerned and it was fun to talk over our relative experiences together. Tuscan sunsetTherefore this painting has several inconsistencies in his honour and serves as a celebration of all things colourfully alternative. Colour blindness isn’t something to worry about (unless you’re a pilot or electrician) but something to be celebrated and enjoyed. It’s just a different way of looking at the world. Or that’s my life long take on the issue. So this painting features a tree full of invisible, red berries, purple and pink clouds and an orange grassy hillside. All par for the course in the colour blind person’s daily routine. Who says we see the world through a mute palette?

Giotto and St Francis

Giotto’s Oak Tree

Paul is a tree surgeon, therefore it features many different styles of foliage and pays homage to the trees of Giotto and Gozzoli as found in their own representations of the landscape. What I loved most about this landscape was the gorgeous hill top villages scattered across the horizon. Castello Verdano, Amiata, Castelnuovo and Montenero are all clearly visible. Tuscany too, with its varied produce, fields of olive groves, orchards of fruit trees and endless vineyards. The landscape is a patchwork of crops.

Gozzoli painting

Gozzoli’s Procession

The little farmhouse at Montecucco most definitely has a wonderful view, set in peaceful, luscious surroundings.  If any Renaissance artists found themselves in the area today I’m sure it hasn’t changed that much over the centuries. Check it out for yourself.


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