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Cagli – A Picture in the Mountains

Cagli Townscape

Cagli – Le Marche
Watercolour and ink, 50 cm x 25cm (Sold)

The painting of Cagli in Le Marche, Italy was always conceived as a sister picture to Cantiano some 10 km down the road. The two paintings are linked by similar colours and shapes but also the SS3 Superstrada, which passes between them.

Old Cagli

1157 Map of Cagli

Cagli is situated in a wider, more luscious valley but with the same mountainous surroundings as Cantiano. It is a larger town as well, although the colours of the buildings are similar and both have rivers which skirt their borders.

Cagli Town Centre

The Old Tower – Cagli

The centre of Cagli is populated with some interesting buildings including the old defensive tower, the theater, several churches and a number of town gates. There is also a lovely old roman bridge that is still very much in use and sits on the ancient Via Flamminio, which was built to connect Rome with the Adriatic Sea.

Raffaello Sanzio - Madonna and the Goldinch

Raffaello Sanzio – Madonna and the Goldinch

Inspiration for the style came from the trees of Raffaello Sanzio who was born nearby in Urbino and an old 12th century map of the town, which had some wonderful depictions of the streets back then. The pictures colours and shapes were a result of a wonderful day spent exploring the area and making notes of the countryside around. The layout gives a sense of the narrow streets, punctuated by interesting doorways, magnificent palazzi, broad piazzas and colourful facades.

There is a Google Map link below for Cagli for anyone interested in seeing more of this lovely town and for anyone interested in buying prints they are available from FineArtAmerica.