Land, Sea and Townscapes all Together

Welsh town - Saundersfoot

Saundersfoot – West Wales

I’ve finally come from behind my Italian mountains and taken on a new viewpoint. This time it is the beautiful town of Saundersfoot in West Wales. The scenery combines perfectly sea, land and townscapes all in one painting. The town, complete with its little harbour, colourfully painted houses and rolling hills topped with trees makes an idyllic study.

It’s not far from my other Welsh study, Tenby and as it’s an area I know quite well. Painting Saunderfoot reminded me how much I love that part of the world and that I should spend some time there working again.

Wales town


It was great drawing a place in Wales, with different shaped roofs and buildings to the ones I normally paint in Italy. There was a lack of terracotta or cream  and the trees were less sculpted. I like painting the sea too, there’s a tranquil feeling to be had making repetitive wavy lines. It’s a kind of artistic Pilates.

The sky gives a nice sense of drama to the composition and for me anyway, a bright pink and orange sky is the norm first thing in the morning and last thing at night.



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