The Colour in Cantiano

Le Marche hills

Le Marche hills

Well it’s time to add a little colour and unlike the greens of Umbria and the yellows of Tuscany, I wanted la Marche to have a nice steely feel to it with an undercurrent of lusciousness.

Being colour blind this is always a challenge and I have to plan ahead, so there’s very little room for spontaneous daubing. Otherwise God only knows what combinations we’d end up with in my lust for freedom.

Sneaky Peek

Sneaky Peek

As with all water colourists, I find the best way is to start light and gradually turn up the brightness. This does lead to the feeling that the painting, for many hours, has a boring look to it. I constantly have to keep my enthusiasm in check  and leave the darker tones and shadows until later. ……… Much later.

It’s all coming together nicely at the minute and the modeling on the hills is starting to give the painting a nice sense of depth. Rolling Italian hillsides, covered in trees are gradually emerging and the peaks are taking on an ominous presence. I can’t put off thinking about the sky for much longer now.


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