Cantiano Composition

Cantiano composition

Cantiano composition

Well the planning and design is all sorted, we’ve got Cantiano roughed out in the bottom left hand corner, with its river and the hill that it curls around. Over towards the right is the motorway and the bridge under which you drive to reach Pantano and Il Borgo, higher up in the mountains.

Filling the hills

Each little hills is like a mini-landscape and has to be considered so, while the larger stylised trees are used to divide the picture up into sections.

On the top left is Mount Catia with its massive steel crucifix and the hills above Il Borgo fill the right hand side. The countryside is mainly scrub land, woods and the occasional area of cultivated land, such as olive groves. These are all linked by the meandering roads that steadily climb the slopes.

Drama Queen Sky

Drama Queen Sky

Next I need to decided on the colour scheme. One thing I am sure of it a dramatic sunrise/set, just like the ones we saw during our stay in Le Marche.

Although by tomorrow morning I’m likely to have changed things again.


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