Mark Making in Le Marche


The next project was commissioned by Brian and Susan for the Nichols girls. Brian wanted them to have a painting that showed off his beloved Le Marche region and in particular the towns of Cantiano and Cagli, along with the gorgeous mountain top village of Il Borgo.

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

It was Brian’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and a group of us made the trip across the border from Umbria into Le Marche for the celebrations, We, being lucky, were invited to stay an extra three days and explore the area with the intention of creating two paintings for his daughters.

Brian and Susan are wonderful hosts and treated us to the sights of the area, with Brian’s tales of the region and the history of the landscape. It was a great time and I got enough information and studies complete to set about mark making Le Marche.

Painting Italy

Cantiano sketches

Sketches for Cantiano

Umbria is hilly, verdant green with distant mountains, Tuscany’s rolling hills are ochre, sunflower covered with cyprus line roads. Le Marche is totally different. It is a tall, mountainous region, steely grey with deep, narrow valleys  and bubbling streams.

Italian Landscape



Small clusters of houses, like Il Borgo above Pantano, cling to the slopes and are linked by endlessly winding roads. One of the stand out features for me was the log piles that litter the road. Space is at a premium and people store their winter logs wherever there’s room, mostly at the roadside.

Cantiano LeMarche

Drawing Cantiano

I look forward to returning to paint again in Le Marche as it is a beautiful, rugged terrain, full of interesting places and dramatic landscapes. So here we go! Cantiano.


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