Santa Giuliana – The Little Village Below

Borgo di Santa Giuliana Monte Corona

Borgo di Santa Giuliana Watercolour and ink. 15cm x 24cm (For Sale)

Over the next three weeks I’ve moved onto the hill’s of Monte Corona, just south of Umbertide. I’m staying at a lovely agritourismo. Prato di Sotto, which sits on the slopes above the old, walled, Medieval village of Santa Giuliana.

Santa Giuliana, Umbria photo

S. Giuliana from Prato di Sotto

The first time I visited Prato di Sotto and saw the village as I came around the winding white road I decided I had to spend some time up in the hills and draw this gorgeous little place.

Records of the village date back to 1362 but it’s probably older than that. It was abandoned and in a ruinous state for many centuries but recent times have seen this fine example of a medieval village, faithfully restored. Forty years ago, the developers were keen to keep as much as possible to the original plan, thus making it a fabulous little treasure.

Medieval watchtower

Torre Santa Giuliana

Along with the defensive walls, gate house and towers, the villages has a 16th century chapel, dedicated to Sant Antonio. About 1 km from the village there is an old watch tower that forms the centre piece to another B&B guest house and once acted as a lookout point for the village of Santa Giuliana.


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