How to Paint the Sky Purple

The Niccone, so far

The Niccone, so far

Finishing off the painting of the Niccone Valley was proving difficult  but then mother nature intervened with an art show of her own. I had an idea to continue the dark blue, purple sky from the previous painting. To echo the composition of Lorenzetti and the previous picture of the Morra Valley.

The approaching storm

Gathering Clouds

Gathering Clouds

Tonight the sky lit up. Orange, green, yellow, white, pale blue, sky blue, ultramarine and purple. The distant lighting and rumbles of thunder added to the occasion and painting in such a setting was magical. Painting though with a limited palette and poor paper leaves you searching for better techniques to record the moment. Enter the digital camera.


Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

These are beautiful photos of the stormy sky at dusk. They are not meant to be classical photographic  studies of the sky at the day’s end but a recording of the event for further use. Close up a sky like this has a definite watercolour quality to it, with swirling patterns, bold shapes and bright exclamations of colour. Luckily the neighbours are used to my moments of artistic investigation and put it down to me being a foreigner, rather than insanity.

Using the colours

Storm Approaching

Storm Approaching

How to use them is the question as even a display like tonight still doesn’t resolve in my mind the best way to complete the sky. Probably purple and blue will do the trick, too much fussing may over complicate the background.  They are lovely studies though.


2 responses to “How to Paint the Sky Purple

  1. how do you paint a purple to red sky please

    • Colour blind people tend to see grey as purples and pinks. So to get an exotic sky you just imagine the greys as differing shades of pink or purple that way you’ll see our version of a stormy sky.

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