Get Drawing! Eight Ideas that Really Work

Umbrian river

Fiume Aggia

Sometimes the hardest part of getting drawing is just coming up with an idea for a project. This is especially true once you’ve left school or art college. When there is no longer anyone to set you work and you’re left to your own devices.

Whether you’re suffering from creativity block or always wanted to draw, here are eight ways to get you started.

  1. Attend an evening class – it can be hard getting started when you’re away from the classroom. So why not take up an evening art class? Even for an experienced artist being part of a creative community can be incredibly productive.  This will give you access to similarly creative people, new materials and different styles of work. In the company of others you’ll find your enthusiasm grow. Life drawing can be a real winner.
  2. UK flag wallet

    Leather Wallet

    Start a sketchbook journal or diary. A nice, new fresh sketchpad is just the ticket for bringing out ideas. Why not use it to record your week, trips or travels? Apart from being great to look back on, they can serve as excellent idea generators and point of reference.

  3. Copy the old masters. Examine someone’s work you really like. Try making reproductions or take influence from their works. This is a good way of trying styles that you’ve never worked in before and looking at how other artists interpret things.
  4. Try a new medium. If you have only ever worked in oils, why not give charcoal a whirl? You may find that a new way of working really fires your imagination. Again local evening classes are useful for this approach.
  5. Read a book or use rousing music. One of the old classics, full of imagery and passion could lead to a whole series of pictures. It’s a good idea to practice interpreting other peoples words. This is an especially good skill when taking on commissions.
  6. Montefalco countryside

    Grain, grapes, olives, tree and sky

    Go out fo a walk. Getting out and about. Looking at the countryside, sketching people in the town centre or taking photos at an event can all help kick start a project.

  7. Explore an unfamiliar style. If you always see yourself as an abstract painter, why not have a go at something impressionistic? Put down your paints and model something in clay.
  8. Visit an exhibition or art gallery. Strolling around a gallery, looking at the works can’t help but inspire. Ideas, styles and medium are all on show and you can get really good ideas looking at other people s work.

Half the battle is getting started. Once you’re up and running you’ll find that ideas start flowing, your technique improves and you’ll find there aren’t enough hours in the day.



2 responses to “Get Drawing! Eight Ideas that Really Work

  1. You a natural born teacher Neal! Complimenti!

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