The Gates of Spello


The Gates of Spello
Watercolour and ink 22cm x 33cm (For Sale)

The Story of Spello The Umbrian hill town of Spello sits at the opposite end of Mount Subasio to Assisi and has a long history stretching back to Roman times. You can still see the remains of its ancient amphitheater although it is in poor condition when compared to some in the area. The town is built on the side of a hill, where it’s pink and grey stones shine out in the early morning light. There are a number of gates entering the town and four are featured in the painting. The gates of Spello From left to right

  • Porta di Venere – twin towered Roman gate.
  • Porta Urbica – worn but very decorative Roman gate.
  • Porta Consolare – this would originally have had two towers but now only has one, topped with olive trees. The statues are from a sarcophagus discovered in the town.
  • Portonarccio – a medieval gate built from recycled Roman stone.

Pinturicchio detail

Santa Maria Maggiore – the Steepled church housing frescoes by il Perugino and Pinturecchio. The later’s work featuring a view of the town from the 15th century. When you pass the town on the train you gradually pick out more and more detail but it’s not until you thoroughly explore the streets and alleyways that you get a real feel for its beauty and complexity. Prints for sale If you like this and the other pieces in the collection you can get prints here. 🙂


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