The Town of the Strong Arm – Montone

Bracchio Fortebracchio

Watercolor and ink
50cm x 30cm (For Sale)

Montone is listed in the 100 most beautiful villages of Italy. It first came to fame under Braccio Fortebraccio (Armstrong), who took on all comers and won. Making the town his base he controlled much of the local countryside down as far as Perugia.

Montone for Neal 010Montone is also famous for the Umbria Film Festival, established by Monte Pythons’ Terry Gilliam and run each July, outside in the main piazza. Its fame grows each year and attracts film glitterati from around the world. Colin Firth’s wife is also said to have been born here and he is occasionally seen around the narrow streets. The town itself creeps up on you as you wind your way up the hill towards its gates. Hidden away from the main highway and surrounded by the wooded slopes there are glimpses of it through the trees, then suddenly you round a corner and it’s there.

Montone 033 Sitting atop its hill, from certain angles, Montone is a deceptively long town and editing it to fit the format required a little creative thinking. Three early versions lay screwed up on the floor in frustrated angst. For the best views however, take one of the little white roads up into the hills opposite and you can look down on it in all it’s glory.

Prints of the original are available here  🙂


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