Fabbrecce – The Village beneath the Monastery


Umbrian village

Fabbrecce and Canoscio
Watercolour and ink
22cm x 33cm (Sold)

The little village of Fabbrecce sits below Sanctuario Canoscio, a lovely hill top monastery with commanding views of the Tiber Valley. A great way to reach it is to park your car in the village and follow the “Monks Walk” through the woods. The root is dotted with little shrines along the way and has lots of benches where you can take a break or have a picnic.

LongViewAlong with the church you can see the massive, day-glow blue crucifix, which, at night,  stands out for miles around. There is also a grotto and holy spring, here locals regularly go to collect bottles of refreshing water and light a candle.

The painting is a watercolour and ink picture, measuring 22cm x 33cm on heavy duty paper.

If you would like to buy an art poster of this  painting please click here.





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