Citta di Castello

Umbrian town

Citta di Castello Watercolour and ink 22cm x 33cm (Sold)

Unlike many of Umbria’s towns, Citta di Castello languishes on the wide open plains of the Upper Tiber Valley. It has served as a crossing point and market town for centuries and possesses a good selection of classical Renaissance art in the Pinacoteca and is also home to the 20th century expressionist Alfredo Burri.

Citta di Castello, Italy

Town wall

Standing in Castello’s main car park you look up over the substantial town walls to see the cathedral, the unique bell tower (One of only two round towers in Italy) and the old medieval civic tower. The skyline is littered with a number of towers from other churches and each day at noon, the historic centre erupts into song  as together, they all chime out. In the background you can see the turreted facade of the Belvedere monastery, which stands high in the hills over looking Citta di Castello. Its monumental shape is lit up every night with spotlights and can be seen for miles around, glowing against the dark sky.

If you’d like a copy of this painting, prints can be bought here. 😀


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