Tenby – Dinbych yn Pysgoed

Wales Harbor

Tenby Harbour
Watercolour 30cm x 50cm (Sold)

Tenby or Dinbych un Pysgoed in Welsh, meaning the Little town of the fishes is one of my favourite places in Wales. Nestling amongst the rugged coastline is the gorgeous little fishing village, complete with pastel coloured houses and ancient town wall.



Standing out on the promontary are the ruins of the town’s 12th century castle and remnants of the town gates and towers can be found all around the streets.

During the early Victorian period it became a popular holiday resort and people would come from miles around to take the waters. There are also two lightboat houses that jut out into the sea, the original 1902 cream building and the later 2008, modern construction.

It’s beautiful unspoilt beaches and wide, rambling countryside make it a great destination for summer holidays. At low tide you can walk out to St Catherine’s Island with its Napoleonic defences or take a boat trip across to visit the Cistercian monks on Caldey Island.

The painting is a watercolour and ink study on cartridge paper measuring 30cm x 50cm and has a cream mount.

Quality prints available here


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