Pen and Ink Drawing of St George’s Church

Wales, church


This is another last century picture, going back to 1999 and is of St George’s Chruch in the Vale of Glamorgan. The design has lots of happy memories andwas used on our wedding invitations. It has a nice bold quality making it ideal for reproductions. 

Drawings of St George's

St George’s Sketches

It is around this time that I started to develop the idea of playing around with perspective and foreshortening, taking inspiration from old 15th century German block prints, Byzantine paintings and the early frescoes of the Renaissance. I’ve always liked the stark black and white contrasts of ink drawing and love it as a medium in which to work.

For me less confusing than using colour and no where near as messy as oil painting.The church is over 700 years old and features an ancient walled yew tree at the centre of the graveyard, believed to ward off evil. The pig skin bound, church register that you sign when getting married is at least 250 years old and had entries going back to 1768.


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