The Beautiful View of Belvedere

Citta di Castello Belvedere
The Belvedere Sanctuary
watercolour and ink 12cm x 20cm (Sold)

Standing proudly above the ancient town of Citta di Castello is the marvelous Belvedere Sanctuary. Distinctive in its pale ochre colour set against the green of the woodlands, It too, like Canoscio a little to the south, is brightly illuminated at night, as stands out against the clear dark sky for miles around.

BelvedereSactuaryThe sanctuary, dedicated to the Madonna, was build in 1684 and is a typical Baroque style building of the period. Once you enter the church through its semicircular portico you can see the Martyrdom of St. Vincent painted by Giovanni Ventura Borghesi in 1699. The churches position also offers spectacular views of the town and the Alte Tevere Valle beyond.

For a view of the Belvedere on Goodgle Maps, click here.


3 responses to “The Beautiful View of Belvedere

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  2. Beautiful Neal! And you can see the entire upper Tiber valley from that hill. I love it that you are doing local monuments now as well as the hilltowns. Bravo!

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