Canoscio – Sanctuary on the Hill

Santuario Canoscio

Canoscio Sanctuary
Watercolour and ink 5cm x 8cm (Sold)

The Canoscio study forms the start of a series of small hill top features that are dotted around the Citta di Castello area. Monasteries, ruined castles, watch towers and old farm houses all populate the horizon, which makes for interesting, smaller studies.
As 70% of Umbria is still wooded, it is no surprise that trees play an important part of these landscape studies,  as few of the slopes have been cleared for cultivation, woods, forests, copses and glades abound. The greens of the hillsides always make for an interesting contrast against the bright tones of the terracottas, ochres and yellows of the buildings.
The modern church, built in 1855-78 stands on the site of much older places of worship and includes the Shrine of the Madonna of Canoscio with its natural water spring and grotto.
Canoscio sketches

Canoscio sketches

The church can be seen for many miles proudly standing on the hilltop, the pale yellow walls lit up and the luminous blue cross, shining out like a beacon. You can follow the “Monks Walk” from the village of Fabbrecce at the foot of the hill, through the tree lined path and wooded groves to the monastery where it is possible to visit the church, buy a drink or sit down for a meal. Whatever you choose, you are treated to gorgeous views across the Upper Tiber Valley.

Click to View  the location of the monastery, on Google Maps. Like the artist, why not have a virtual wander around the lanes.


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