Trevi – Behind the Hill

Italian hill town Trevi

Watercolour and ink 24cm x 70cm

Trevi is a beautiful hill town best appreciated  by travelling on the Rome to Ancona railway line. After Terni you journey through a steepsided, rocky gorge, interspersed with rich verdant woodland, which eventually opens up into a wide river plain

TreviThese foothills in the Apennine Mountains provide home to the towns of Spoleto, Clitunno, Montefalco and then you come upon the marvelous sight of Trevi.

The entire hillside rises into the heavens and from the southern side appears to be completely covered with buildings. The slope is topped off with the Church of Sant Emiliano and you can see the Madonna delle Lacrame brightly decorated with frescoes by Perugino.   

Trevi2The town is a wonderful combination of houses, churches, towers and walls, coloured in delicate pinks and subtle terracotta all set within a green frame of trees and vegetation. You can carefully trace the route of the wall and the large retaining walls that support the maze of streets as they cling precariously to the hillside.

Drawings of Trevi

Trevi Sketches

As well as being a lovely town to explore it is also a place of historic importance and home to a number of Renaissance masterpieces. Trevi makes for an interesting visit and has some breathtaking views across the province and is most definitely a great place to draw and paint.

High quality art poster copies available here. 😀



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