Painting Montefalco

Italy Montefalco
Montefalco, Umbria
Watercolour and ink (Sold)

The story behind the image

During the summer 2013, I spent two lovely weeks at my friends house, dog sitting. This afforded me a lot of sketching time and walks in the countryside below Montefalco.

Surrounding countryside

Montefalco drawing

Montefalco sketch

Montefalco is renowned for its olive oil and more especially its wine. The hillsides around the town are covered with vineyards and olive groves and each year they have marvellous festivals to promote their unique products.



The sketches were all made just outside the village of Fabbri, which is nicely nestled between the towns of Montefalco and Trevi. Here you have the perfect views looking up to the old medieval town walls with its distinctive church towers and the more unusual water tower, which resembles an alien spaceship that has landed on the town’s outer limits.

Picture layout

Old town centre with water tower

Old town centre with water tower

When you look at the landscape there are four distinct buildings with clusters of houses around each and it is these points I concentrated on in composing the painting. The slopes below are populated with an array of olive trees, vines and grain, along with the occasional vegetable garden and wooded copse.

Painting at the end of the summer the fields were full of colour with a dusting of pale blue flowers, lots of earthy yellows, browns and ochre and the deep reds of the town roof tiles.

Montefalco is just south of Assisi and with  the lovely towns of Trevi, Spello and Bevagna all nearby there is plenty of interest to see. There are some good examples of Gozzoli’s frescoes and excellent views of the countryside as you walk along the narrow, cobbled alleyways.


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