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Stained Glass Blast from the Past

G&Ts Wine Bar, Porth

The Black Prince

I recently discovered some old photos from the late 80s when I had a glass studio in Cilfynydd, South Wales. It was here that I designed, made and repaired a great number of domestic, secular and religious stained glass leaded lights. Perched on the side of the A470 the industrial unit provided the ideal location for working

G^Ts Wine Bar

Amongst the projects completed were lots of leaded lights for peoples front doors, repairs to tired, old and worn out windows and a number of rebuilds where people had found treasured lights at auction or car boot sales.


At the time my windows could be found in the Great Western Hotel, Cardiff, The Black Prince, Llantrisant and the Commercial Inn, Newport. I also worked on a number of refurbishment projects, such as the Victorian windows in Dyffryn House, St Nicholas, the Baptist Church on Charles Street, Cardiff and The Muni in Pontupridd. These in particular were delicate jobs, requiring patient rerepainting of the original artwork and careful releading into the original panels. 

Church Village

One of my favourite jobs was the complete restoration of a set of beautiful Art Neuveau windows for G&Ts Wine Bar in Porth. These gorgeous panels had been left to the ravages of time and vandals and were in a desperate state of direpair when they were brought to me. The finished pieces though were lovely restorations of the originals and for many years adorned the bar. This though has sadly long closed and I no longer have any idea what happened to them.


Hopefully they and the others that brightened up the bars and lounges of South Wales pubs didn’t end up in the skip. I know too that the Great Western Hotel at the bottom of St Mary’s Street has been refurbished and the canopies, with their Art Deco panels have been removed,

Church Village

The same is true of Stamps Bistro in Churchill Way, Cardiff. It would be nice if someone made off with them before they were smashed up and just discarded but hey that’s art for you, all one can hope is that others will cherish your hard worked creations in the same way you have.

Back in the day.