Scenic Positano

Positano - Celeb Playground Watercolour and ink 12cm - 36cm (Sold)

Positano – Celeb Playground
Watercolour and ink
12cm – 36cm (Sold)






















Positano on the Amalfi Coast has for over sixty years been a popular destination for the rich and famous and also used as the setting for a number of films and books, most notibly “The Talented Mr Ripley”, where the

town plays the part of the mythical Mongibello.

This painting follows the same formula as the previous hill towns but with the added novilty of the sea. To keep the foreground in touch with the others I chose to paint it a turquoise, blue green and give it a rolling hills sort of feeling. The outstanding feature of Positano is the bright orange roofed Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its distinctively coloured majolica tiles and its lovely bell tower nextdoor.

The hillside itself is populated with a myriad of boxed houses, appartments and hotels all filling the slopes and broken up with the occassional group of trees. The composition echoes this crazy jumble of builidngs laced with arches and shutters, terraces and gardens. This is once more not an attempt at recreating Positano but one of conveying the felling of the town.

If you would like to know more or are interested in any of the work on this site please email me. Thank you for your interest.  Neal


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